Get paid for watching videos online!

One fundamental mistake we make these days is approaching money making from the rigid angle. We often feel if it’s got to pay, it’s got to be hard. But here’s the shocker, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you can make money from the simplest and most mundane acts ever. Including watching videos online!

It sounds odd right?  But it is actually true. With the right software application, you can earn between $100-$500 per month watching videos!

What better way is there to make some fast, and cool subsidiary cash please? I am speaking of an opportunity to be paid for getting entertained.

In this write up, we will share some eye opening tips on how you can make money from enjoying videos online and sites where you can do this.

Let’s zoom off right away.

Watch your favorite movie and get paid for it.

You can make money online by earning points through watching videos. Usually with longer videos comes more points, vice versa. The interesting part is, you can sometimes get your favorite shows on some of these online sites. Imagine watching the box office breaker “black panther” at your leisures and at same time, store up points which will accumulate to cash for you later. (it’s an imagination you won’t want to leave, trust me)

Sites where you can get paid for watching videos online:


This is one of the world’s largest video sites that pay viewers of videos. With swagbucks, you can earn money through points over videos. There are a wide variety of viewing options including news, TV shows, sports highlights, app trailers, etc. The interesting part is that this site is up and running 24hours and you could easily stream videos for as long as you want, and whenever you are free.

With a lot of free Wi-Fi spots today, don’t you think you have nothing  to lose?


This is another leading video channel that can pay you for viewing it’s content. Connected with the regular you tube, it features video posts on a variety of niches except that this time, you don’t burn data for nothing, you watch and store up funds. With paid2youtube you can cash out your fund even when it is as low as $10 via PayPal. With this site, you can maximise you earning capacity by liking, commenting and interacting over videos.


Viggle is the real deal for your TV shows. You can get just about every TV show on this application. Often times, Viggle includes incentives to new shows to encourage people to watch them. These shows usually carry more points than regular ones and if you want to maximise your earning capacity, they should become your friend.

  1. PERK TV

Perk TV is Similar with Viggle in many ways. They operate alike too. You can earn by making points from watching videos and you can also claim your funds via gift cards or cash. The only major difference between both of them is that Perk TV deals in short videos, while Viggle on longer ones. Videos you can stream on Perk TV include movie trailers, app trailers, short videos, etc.


You can earn money online with inbox dollar. They allow you watch short videos, complete sponsored tasks like email creation and play games. With inbox dollar, you can cash your income daily. Additionally, you get a free $5 sign-up bonus.


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