$100-$200 daily for using Facebook and Twitter!

Did you know you could earn money from the social media? Don’t get it wrong, this write-up is not about ad placements, monetized channels and funneling, but real online jobs.

There are many easy and simple ways to turn your presence on the social media into money. You could for example, get contracted as an online site manager, a social media manager or the coordinator of a company’s social media page; the list is endless and NO SPECIAL EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

Usually, these jobs are offered by top companies, organizations and busy professionals/celebrities who do not have the time or even expertise to do it. As a social media manager you may be required to make frequent posts on the client’s page, respond to messages, comments and follow up promotional offers, etc.

How to get the clients?

Who wouldn’t want some sleek job where he/she could perform easy tasks like putting up Facebook posts, and replying chats? It is certainly appealing and desirable. But the problem is how to get the clients willing to pay for them.

That connection and linkage becomes a major factor, and without the right channel, you may never get that dream social media job you want. Another issue is getting a secured payment channel, and a guarantee that your efforts will be compensated.

Helping Restaurant Owners

Did you know that Restaurant owners desperately need new customers, and would happily pay you to get them through the door ?  Restaurants often struggle to get new customers in and waste time & money on advertising because they don’t know what works.   Well that’s where you can help them.  You can create Facebook Events, and get them onto a Facebook Local App.   This Is The Best Way To Generate Viral Traffic That Turns Into Real Customers Which Means Loads Of New Business For Any Restaurant!  You can do this from the comfort of your own home.

So How to get started ?

One method you could use is with this company – ViralSocimasters.  They will teach you how to make between $97 and $197 per month of recurring incoming for each restaurant client that you help get in more customers.  They have a step by step video training course that shows you exactly how to do it.  It uses Facebook events in a clever way that not a lot of people know about to bring extra customers to their restaurants.  This is done initially by just a short email – you don’t need to speak to any restaurant owners directly or even go outside – it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Watch this video to see how YOU can get started with this ViralSociMasters and potentially make $1970 per month with just 10 Clients.