3 Great Ways To Get Paid Today

Its not always easy finding good ways or even legitimate ways to make money. So we do all the research for you and provide you with great ways to start helping you earning money. Here are 3 more today that you can setup online and start working with really quickly.

Field agent.   You get paid with this company by utilizing their APP on your very own Smartphone.   Firstly download the APP onto your smartphone. It can be an Apple phone or Android it really don’t matter as long as you’ve got either one of those.  You can start making money going around to different businesses and collecting photos, videos and other information about that business to help them improve their product and services.   You will get paid anywhere from $3 to $12 for doing these tasks. So you will be making money and you will be making a difference at the same time. This is a really good opportunity to start making money straight away just by using your phone.  So go to the Field Agent website, Download the app, Sign up and complete your profile, and start looking for jobs near you via the App. The company pay you every single day via Paypal for the work you complete.

Lime.  This company pays you for charging up electric scooters.  It is easy to get started, and just like with Field Agent you install an APP on your smartphone.  The APP will show you where all the scooters are in your location that need to be charged. You just go and pick the scooter up, you scan it with the APP via a QR code.   You then take it home and you charge it. You will need to put the scooter out anywhere before 7 a.m. and you get paid $5 to $15 per scooter on the same day.

You will be given three chargers to work with.  Charging scooters is just like charging up a mobile phone.  It is very simple to do. This work is available in many different countries and you can get started right away.

OneSpace.  Here you can get paid by becoming an online freelancer.  OneSpace freelancers get paid to do things like graphic designer – creating specialized product imagery for their retail/e-commerce clients. This will require experience with a photo editing software (PhotoShop, InDesign) and creating mobile-ready images.  Language Transcripting. This work involves listening to audio files and converting the spoken words into written form. The audio files typically range from less than 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Small Business & Accounting Writers. Here they are looking for content writers experienced in creating English content for small businesses.  One space has several other similar jobs – take a look on their website to find out more.

Hopefully these 3 companies will help you start making some money real soon. Continue looking on our blog for more money making ideas in the coming days.