5 tips to successful blogging

Blogging is a lucrative business and just like others, it can only yield fruits when done rightly.

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I made a post before now on how you can make money from blogging; where we discussed essential tips. If you missed out on that, I suggest you click HERE to take a peep; trust me, you will find it helpful.

Now, if you have done that, you may want to take things a bit further and perhaps get some training on how to make money blogging.  This course provides 10 hours of step-by-step training that will get you earning money in no time.  Ok so  let’s move on to the five magical tips to successful blogging.

Tip 1: Post Valuable and Helpful Content

(If you blog doesn’t offer value, why should they read?)

Think about it; if you do not post helpful content why would anybody want to read it? If they don’t read it, then how can you get sufficient traffic?

In this business, quality content is not only the king, but the kingdom. You must make posts that speak to live situations with an approach that engages the readers.

Here’s how you can write contents that solves problems

  • Choose a catchy title: you have to work on your title because it plays a central role in suggesting your contents to readers.
  • Use ‘How to’ topics: topics beginning with ‘How to’ do this or how to do that converts more traffic than longer and uncertain ones.
  • Optimize your articles with SEO tools: this essentially means that you write articles in a way that is search engine friendly. This tool ensures frequent visitations on your blog.
  • Write great and engaging articles.

Tip 2: Include Visuals

(Corroborate your story with a picture or Video)

Many professional bloggers have listed this as a very helpful tool. Including a quality picture that explains your blog post gives a face to your article. It also gives your readers something to look upon as they read. Interestingly, you can use stock images where you cannot come up with a copyright free image; just ensure that the visuals are clear.

Tip 3: Post Regularly

(Be Consistent)

This is a very essential part of blogging. It is dangerous to leave your blog dormant for a long period of time. It can affect your ranking, and even make your loyal readers reluctant towards your posts. If people must take you seriously, you must show them some commitment.

Keep your blog alive and post frequently.

How to Ensure Frequent Posts?

  • Set out a day in the week for posting: for example, you can decide to put up posts on Mondays, and Wednesdays, or on Saturdays alone. It all depends on how often you want to post, however, be consistent with your posting days.
  • Prepare at least one article in excess (this will help in times of urgency)
  • Get Help if you are unavailable: If you would be offline for a long period of time, get a writer to fill up the space.

Tip 4: Engage Your Readers

(Include a Comment Session)

There is nothing like carrying your readers along in your articles. Your audience must be able to feel like they have a connection with you. You must incorporate them into your post and ultimately, give them a chance to be heard.

How to go about this?

  • Write your articles in a conversational tone: it is a blog post and not some textbook content, use less complex terms and write like you are speaking to the reader directly. You can achieve this by using more ‘You’ and ‘Your’.
  • Break down your articles into sub-headings: many times when visitors open an article, they like scheming through to see if your article carries the information they want. Dividing your articles into sub headings can aid fast scheming and encourage readers to stay. Sub headings also aid easy comprehension of your articles.
  • Include a comment session: Allow your readers to make comments and share their thoughts/opinion on the subject matter.

Tip 5: Make your Post Long

Many expert bloggers have notice more frequent visits with longer posts than shorter ones. As such, it is advisable to make your post at least 500 words long.

Tip 6: Get Trained by a Coach

You can’t beat being actually shown with proof how to make money online with anything, and that also goes with blogging too.  Blogging Guru Is A Brand New Internet Marketing Course To Teach How To Start Making Money Online Through Blogging And Also Affiliate Marketing! With 10 Hours Of Step-by-step Training

Good luck!

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