5 ways to make money from your smartphone

The world has gone digital and more sophisticated and this has also opened new doors of opportunities. People now make hundreds of dollars from their phones. Yes, there are many simple projects you can carry out with your phone and get paid and the interesting part? They are things you probably even do before for fun, but this time, you will learn how to do it for both fun and money at the same time. Cool right?

Have Fun and Make Money From Your Phone

Although there are a plethora ways to earn money from your phone, we have selected five viable, interesting and trusted methods that are excellent to start with. So, let’s get to it right away.

Playing Online Games: you probably didn’t know about this. You can make money from your phone by playing online games that pay. Of course there are many games that you get nothing from playing (Aside the fun). In fact, with some, you may end up spending money to buy gems and clues, but many others are lucrative. These are the categories we are talking about. Examples are:

  • Online Casino Games, a lot of which you can play for free, bet and win real cash.
  • Game uploads on Swagbucks: Swagbucks will allow you store points for every game you play; when those points become substantial, they can be transformed into money, or money’s worth.

So, rather than spend time with the ones that give you nothing in return, how about you invest your attention on those that pays? Interestingly, these games are not as boring and placid as you think; try it out today.

Get Paid For Writing: Writing is a very lucrative online business. Interestingly, you can go into this business with your phone! With writing you need some passion and of course the willingness to improve on yourself because clients will demand more and more expertise from you. However, when you are willing to learn, there’s no limit to how far you can go. You can get paid for writing by:

  • Hooking up with sites that pay freelance writers to create content for them. Wondering which ones do? Don’t worry, we have that covered. You can connect with ‘Christian Science Monitor’, ‘bare foot write’, ‘Earth Island Journal’, and ‘iwriter’. these sites pay from $50 to $200 per article.
  • Using online freelancing sites: you could alternatively utilize any of the online sites where you can connect with buyers who want writers. For example, we have Fiverr, Craiglist, Upwork, etc. (Check out our home page for tips on how you can succeed with them).

Use money making applications: there are certain mobile applications that you can make money from. These include, VIPVoice, InboxDollars and Google Opinion Rewards. With them, you can perform simple and straightforward tasks like writing opinions and taking surveys and make some money in return.

Watch Videos Online: This is one of the most interesting ones. The digital world has gone so saturated that some applications are willing to pay you to create traffic on their website by watching videos. The way this usually works is simple, you watch, earn points, and consequently earn money. The longer you watch/stream, the more money you make! For full tips on this and information about sites you can use, click here.

Uploading Videos Online: This is also an interesting way to have fun and earn simultaneously. You can upload funny videos or videos that are worth sharing on certain platforms and get paid for them. While uploading videos for money, you may want to go for something that is interesting and capable of pulling reactions; but also inoffensive at the same time. The more views, likes and responses you get, the better you earn.

Good luck!

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