Become a Fiverr Pro and make $500 per week!

Pro Level is the highest Fiverr level ever. It is not even listed on its official page amongst its other levels because you don’t become it by right. You could complete a thousand jobs and still not get upgraded, and at the same time, you could get a lucky lift.

That is why, you should read this article keenly, because I am about to show you how you could become a Fiverr Pro and earn up to $500 in a week!

You have got to admit that $500 is a significant amount of money for a week; we are speaking of making $2,000 a month from your PC, in your comfortable zone. The journey will certainly not be full of roses, but it is worth it.

Firstly, you need to understand how the Fiverr grading level works.

Walk through the levels

You would have to begin on Fiverr as a new seller; at that level, there’s frankly little you could make, this is because you may have to source for clients from the buyers’ requests segment (most of whom are looking for the cheapest bid). Once you complete 10 orders, you would become a level one seller, and after 50, you could be upgraded to level two. The fourth stage is becoming a top rated seller, which you are eligible for after completing 100 jobs. I have taken time to narrate these levels, because a drop in your performance can cause a demotion! And trust me, you don’t want that. So, you have to continuously perform above 90% in all your rankings, including response time to messages, completed orders and even star ratings. Any drop below 4.8star, and your chances of becoming a pro disappears. That is because all of these are factors considered before you can be upgraded.

So here’s how you can become a pro on Fiverr:

  1. Maintain a good star rating: of at least 4.8 cumulatively
  2. Make sure your response time does not go below 90%
  3. Complete as many orders as possible
  4. Avoid cancellations because this will affect your order completion rate: Once this goes below 90%, there’s trouble.
  5. Apply to the Fiverr Team: You don’t become a pro by right; I mentioned this earlier on. You would have to prove to Fiverr that you are capable to sell as a pro. Your application will require information about your skill, certifications that you have, links to your sites and published works (not compulsory, but necessary to boost your chances of approval), and details about yourself.

When filling this form, take out your time to compose your responses; the adequacy or otherwise of your application will determine whether or not it will be accepted.

Fiverr Pro is only open to Four Categories:

You may want to keep in mind that only sellers in some categories are eligible to apply. These are:

  • Graphics design
  • Writing & translation
  • Video Animation
  • Digital marketing

How will the money come?

You do not have to worry about this, becoming a pro will sort it all out. Pro sellers are in very high demand; they are less than 20% of the Fiverr sellers and they get tens of orders daily. Also, the trust and prestige that is attached to the name will increase your order rates and rankings on the site. Once you are one, you only need to deliver great jobs and everything else will be sorted out.

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