$50+ a day using this tried & tested method (no investment)

Do you know how many of the richest people in the world made their money? They bought low and sold high! Although you have to be really good to get to that level, you can do it with no or minimal investment on your own using the power of the internet. This is what this article will be about, so… (Read More)

$100-$200 daily for using Facebook and Twitter!

Did you know you could earn money from the social media? Don’t get it wrong, this write-up is not about ad placements, monetized channels and funneling, but real online jobs. There are many easy and simple ways to turn your presence on the social media into money. You could for example, get contracted as an online site manager, a social… (Read More)

Get paid to test cool, new apps!

A lot of people are always on the look-out for money making opportunities, because one ripe opportunity is all we need to hit it big. Just one! I am not going to tell you Appcoiner is such an opportunity, but it is one that carries huge promise. You can make money online with appcoiner by writing game/app reviews. That is… (Read More)

How To Make Money Online With Something You Are Good At

Did You know, that if you are good at something, then you can make money from it on the internet ? There are several sites where you can show off your skills and even get paid for it.   Upwork.com is one of those sites: Upwork.com is a website for freelancers where you can make active income.  Businesses and individuals post services… (Read More)

Make Money Buying and Selling Websites or Apps

Thousands of online businesses, in the form of Websites, Apps and Online stores are sold online every day. Flippa.com is the number one marketplace for buying and selling such online businesses.  It attracts a huge audience and it offers great tools to increase visibility.  It is an auction site pretty much like eBay for those selling and buying digital assets… (Read More)

How To Make Money From The Photographs In Your Daily Life

Nearly everybody now has a camera on their mobile phone, and you can use this to your advantage and monetize your day to day events in everyday life. Shutterstock is basically a platform where you can buy yourself Digital Media such as Pictures, Music and Video Clips mainly created by Freelancers and 3rd parties.  So if you’re particularly good at… (Read More)

Make Money By Selling Somebody Else’s Work

You don’t need to create anything, or re-invent the wheel to make good money selling and promoting digital products and services online.  Did you know, you can promote and sell somebody else’s digital products or services and make MORE money than the person who created them in the first place ? How ?  Well you can become what is known… (Read More)

4 Great Ways to Make Money With Amazon

Amazon.com – although Jeff Bezos did start off the company selling books, Amazon now sells almost anything you can think of.  It’s not just a site for buying your favourite toys though, you can actually make money with Amazon. Here are 3 ways you can do that. 1 – Amazon Mechanical Turk which is kind of like upwork.  It’s a… (Read More)

5 cool ways to make money online

Are you interested in making any lump sum pocket money without moving from the comforts of your dwelling? Do you really think that it is possible to earn money without joining a company or having your own business? All you need is a tablet, laptop, Personal Computer or even a phone and an Internet connection and you’ve got many simple… (Read More)