How to improve your online business with funnels

Affiliate marketing is a booming alternative business and a reliable way to make passive income, even in your sleep.

You can work as an affiliate by running a sales link for product owners and sellers. With this kind of business, you do not need to own a product; all you need is a link to someone else’s product. Once you are registered as an affiliate, your major job would be to publicize your link; any sale made through your affiliate link will earn you a certain percentage of the sales. (This is sometimes as high as 100%!)

Now that we have identified what an affiliate scheme is, let us move on to how you can multiply clicks on your affiliate link through sales funnels.

First of all, what is a funnel?

What is a funnel?

A sales funnel is a webpage that allows you to collect email contacts from people by offering them free products. This is a system of simple pages such as a landing page, a sales page and a thank you page. It has much potential because once the contacts of prospective customers are saved it becomes easier to market your products/affiliate goods to them.

As an affiliate, your business can take a remarkable turn with the use of funnels and corresponding software.

How the process works.

With a funnel, you can begin by setting up simple semi-websites which carries:

  • A landing page: the first page that visitors will enter. It should carry information about you and your promise.
  • A sales page: the page which describes the product you are promoting and its benefits. This can simply be your affiliate link page!
  • A thank you page: A thank you page that ultimately appreciates them for visiting your site and potentially offers other products you promote (if you are affiliated with more than one product).

What you should do.

Post an ad or a free package on the social media:

You should first of all post ads on the social media where you would speak of a problem and then offer a solution by way of a PDF, a webinar or even a free lecture.

Then, you can include your funnels link to the advert. Once anyone clicks the link, they will hit a landing page which will contain a welcome note, and how helpful the PDF/webinar/lecture will be for them. You can include your qualification as an expert in the field here.

Next, you will require them to enter in their email to proceed. Once they do this, you have obtained their contacts and you would have increased your chances of trying to sell to them later.

Lead them to a sales page:

After their emails, the funnel will lead them to a sales page where you can use a catchy caption to sell them a product which is related to the course they just applied for or the free gift they got. If they click it, they will be redirected to your affiliate link, where you get a cut from every purchase your visitors make.

When they click no, or try to leave the page, you can create a pop-up that will offer them something else to buy. It may have a caption like

‘Hey, we noticed you are leaving, but here’s an amazing opportunity to buy ___ with a 50% discount…’

Once they click yes or no, you can then redirect them to a thank you page.

Why go through all the stress?

You may be accustomed to attaching your affiliate links to adverts straight-up. But operating like that you miss an opportunity to build your business and your brand by creating an email list and being able to communicate with your visitors, promote other products, follow up to convince them to purchase at a later date etc. If your funnel is well built, you can increase sales and grow without always having to spend money on ads.

Of course there is a right and wrong way to go about this process; but that’s a story for another day.

One fundamental fact remains that you can expand your business and sales to five figures or more with funnels. Interestingly, there are some already pre-built funnels which you can just adapt and use on websites like clickfunnels, builder up, etc.

You can watch this FREE Webinar which teaches you how to setup Funnels and start making money straight away.

Good luck!

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