How To Make Money From The Photographs In Your Daily Life

Nearly everybody now has a camera on their mobile phone, and you can use this to your advantage and monetize your day to day events in everyday life.

Shutterstock is basically a platform where you can buy yourself Digital Media such as Pictures, Music and Video Clips mainly created by Freelancers and 3rd parties.  So if you’re particularly good at Photography, taking amazing pictures and videos or really good at making sic beat, then you can monetize your talent on Shutterstock.

The way you make money with Shutterstock is that every time someone purchases one of your pictures you get paid a commission, usually a couple of cents to a few dollars.  If you’re lucky, the trick to making a lot of money with Shutterstock is to consistently keep uploading high quality images.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to make some Real money on Shutterstock:

Explore Your Neighbourhood

First off it’s always a great idea to explore your neighbourhood most likely you have a lot of cool spots in the area that you live and you can get some really cool photos for example Restaurants,  Shops, eople walking their dogs in beautiful places and parks. Start with your neighbourhood before venturing any further.

Being Consistent

It’s probably not a good idea to upload 1000 photos all at once and then never upload again.  Most likely you’ll get a lot of sales in the beginning but those sales will slowly start to trickle down as time goes on and then you won’t be making a lot of money 6 months down the road.  Consistency is key – as long as you consistently upload those photos will show up under the newest photos category on Shutterstock. You can search for photos by Newest, Relevant or by popular, so when you have photos appearing in the Newest photos categories you’re much more likely to be discovered by clients then if you have photos that are being buried.

Follow the News:

If you live close to a big city then you are potentially aways around a lot of action, as a photographer that’s a pretty good thing.  You can for example photograph protests and these days there are a lot of them!! In or around a big city its almost a guarantee that there’s something newsworthy to take pictures of.  Also if you do a bit of research you’ll probably find something that’s going on in your town or nearby that will give you a great photo opportunity to get some editorial stuff to upload on Shutterstock.

Take Your Camera Everywhere

Make sure that you always have your camera with you because you never know what you might encounter during the day.  For example, driving through interesting neighbourhoods, encountering news of accidents, protests, encountering a rare animal on the side of the road.  There are so many things that you might see in everyday life and if you have your camera with you you can monetize on that.