Make $20 with this one app

Swagbucks is a reward program that pays users for carrying out certain activities online. With Swagbucks, you really do not have to do stuffs that are far from your usual internet activities; but this time it comes with a pay check. In this article we are going to focus on how you can make money with Swagbucks online.

What Swagbucks is About?

Swagbucks allows you to play games, watch videos, view apps etc for points. In fact, you can also make money and earn Amazon gift cards by shopping online via Swagbucks (There’s more on these below). Essentially, they allow you do the things you could do ordinarily do, but offer you a reward along. With this software, payments come by way of Swagbucks (SB) points per activity.

Value of Swagbuck points:

So to earn a reasonable amount of money from Swagbucks online, you will have to make SBs in significant amounts. Now, let’s move on to how you can do this.

How To Make Significant Swagbucks Per Day

  • Get Started: firstly, you should open an account. You could do this by visiting their official website and signing up by entering your mail or Facebook details. Once you have signed up, you will earn 50 SBs instantly as a bonus.
  • Fill Out The details: after registering your account, you need to fill out your profile and install a Swagbuck browser extension on your phone. You will need to do this because it increases your daily earnings.

Special Tips

Once, set up, you should get on with making money. Here’s what you should do:

#1 – Shop Online through links on Swagbucks:

As you spend money shopping, you can earn money by using the Swagbuck’s online shopping links. They offer sales from Amazon, Gap, Target and Walmart. Whenever you shop online with Swagbucks, you get to earn at least 4% cash back. That is, if you should purchase something worth $1, you will earn 4 SBs, and with $10 you get 40 cents, etc.

Frankly, there isn’t much specialties attached, and you may even want to think twice about it.  But before you make that decision, remember that shopping elsewhere will get you absolutely nothing back on your cost price and Swagbucks does that for you.

#2 – Browse With Swagbucks

Earlier, I recommended that you activate a Swagbuck browser option; with it, you can browse the internet consistently with the software. Browsing with Swagbucks helps you to earn SBs tacitly, and quietly, without even paying attention. Each time you navigate the internet with the Swagbucks browsers, you get some cents and with rampant use of the internet, I am betting you can earn 50 cents and above in a day. That means that with their browser, you can earn bonuses up to $1 every day without even working.

#3 – Carrying Out Surveys

Thirdly, you can maximize your earnings by carrying out surveys for Swagbucks. Some of these surveys offer up to 300 SBs and it takes lesser than 30 minutes to complete most. Unlike many other survey sites that come with uncertainties, Swagbucks is legitimate and you are sure to get your money.

#4 – Watching Videos and Playing Games

Lastly, you can earn SBs by watching videos and gaming on the Swagbucks software.

What do you think about it?