Make Money By Selling Somebody Else’s Work

You don’t need to create anything, or re-invent the wheel to make good money selling and promoting digital products and services online.  Did you know, you can promote and sell somebody else’s digital products or services and make MORE money than the person who created them in the first place ?

How ?  Well you can become what is known as an affiliate marketer.  This is where you promote somebody else products – usually digital products which are purchased and accessed on the internet, or downloaded such as PDF books or even apps and then get paid a commission when somebody purchases it using your referral link.    All you need to do to get started is find one of the many affiliate networks available today on the internet, create yourself an account (which is usually always free of charge) and then start promoting the products.   You will find it much easier to sell a product in a niche / topic of something that you know a lot about, or are very good at.   Commissions paid out can be anything from 5% to 100%.  Yes some vendors will pay the entire 100%, because they get to keep the buyers email address and details so they can sell further products to them.  You get to keep the 100% commission$. 🙂

The most common and easily accessible affiliate network for beginners with an abundance of digital products to sell online is This is a marketplace for product creators and affiliates to make money online by selling their courses and services to the world.  Clickbank only sells digital products, but the beauty of clickbank is the commission payout is so much higher than Amazon, for example.   Some affiliates pay as much as 75% for selling their services or others pay as low as 5 percent, so keep that in mind.  With that said you can make some really good money on clickbank, hundreds or even thousands of Dollars. Simply head over to Clickbank pick something to sell and start making money.

Once you have set yourself up on, you will then need to start promoting the thousands of products available.  There are many methods of promotion that you can use such as:

Creating A Blog – You can write articles and reviews about the products and also include banner ads.  Wordpress is a great tool for setting up a blog.

Facebook – Promote the products on Facebook Groups – find an interesting group and start or join in a discussion.  Find a product related to it on Clickbank and inform the group about it – especially if it helps them solve a particular problem, or find something they are looking for.  If you get more advanced you can even start using Facebook Ads.

Pinterest – With Pinterest you can pin products from Clickbank, or even other affiliate networks using your affiliate link for each of your pins. People will then start to follow the link to the specific website and hopefully make a purchase, you will be known as the referrer and will make the commission whenever a sale is made.

Email Marketing – Setup an Email Autoresponder, such as Aweber or Getresponse and start building a list of interested contacts.  You can email them daily with new products that you find on Clickbank. Let them know how useful the product is and why they should buy it.  Send them to your Blog and update your articles daily – keep your audience excited and interested and you will get more sales and commission.

Forums – Participate in Forums.  Find forums that you are interested in and have good knowledge of their topics.  Then find a product in Clickbank that is related to helping somebody that may need to fix some problem discussed in the forum.  Send them over to the product via your Clickbank affiliate link, and boom – you make a commission for helping somebody.

If you are really serious about making money online with affiliate marketing and Clickbank, then I would suggest you get some guidance and coaching.  There are many guides available such as this Clickbank Coaching – Clickbank Emperor Forever

Clickbank Daddy is also a very popular coaching package which also comes with training videos.

If you want to find out more information about Affiliate Marketing then Click Here

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