Make money online by copy & pasting (up to 400% profit)

What if you knew a method that you could use to multiply your profit online?

What if you could hit up to 400% gains by selling the right products on freelancing sites?

Today, we will focus on how you can quadruple your interest on the internet without delivering anything on your part.

No, it is not fraud, nethier is it a plagiarism copying method, but a leverage of products you bought at cheap prices on one site, and sell at higher prices on another.

Buy From One Site And Sell On Another.

Business has always being about multiplying profits and making more returns on investment than the cost of production/procurement. With online marketing, you can leverage the products you bought from sites at lesser prices on higher paying sites. Then when you get jobs, all you would have to do is order from the lesser site and deliver on the other. It is simple arbitrage, but of course if you don’t know about it, it would be difficult to imagine that something like that even existed in freelancing.

What you need to succeed

With this businesss, you need:

  1. Zero capital
  2. Zero experience
  3. Zero skills

It is really that simple.

Key sites you can use are:

  1. Seoclerk
  2. Ebay
  3. Fiverr.

Buy on SEOCLERK and sell on Ebay/Fiverr.

Seoclerk is an active platform where you can get huge amounts of services at very minimum prices. Products on SEOCLERK are sometimes, even as low as $1! Meanwhile, you can get corresponding services on fiverr and eBay at a rate at least four times that price.

So, this is your golden opportunity, you should order from SEOCLERK, and sell on eBay and then pocket your returns.

How to go about it: Step by step

Step 1

First of all research out the kind of services you could resell from SEOCLERK. You should type in key words on the search segment and then sort by rating. (do not forget this because it is pivotal to getting the capable sellers on SEOCLERK).

It is advisable that you leverage skills that are simple to execute or correct like YouTube likes, soundtrack plays, likes on ads, etc. Avoid complex jobs like writing, you may end up having series of revisions.

Step 2

Check out the chosen niche on fiverr and eBay. Usually, you will find the same kind of products/services for at least 4times the SEOCLERK price.

Step 3

Copy the gig title, and description into a fresh gig on eBay. You could change some little details and tweak it a little bit to look different.

Step 4

Set up your price. You could sell at the fiverr price, or bring down your price a little bit in order to attract more customers.

Step 5

Order your delivery from SEOCLERK and deliver at eBay.

Once you get an order from eBay, enter in the same requirements on your SEOCLERK order essentials and get the work done.

Things to note

If you are offering a service you do not know much about, do not offer more than the seller on SEOCLERK does.

Also, increase your time of delivery on eBay, this will give you enough time to order from the purchase site.

There we go, those are the few ways you could be a freelancer and earn up to four times your investment online.

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