Smartphone apps that pay you money in 2018

They say that most people are never more than a feet away from their mobile phone at any given time during the day, including while sleeping! I don’t know about you, but that is certainly true for many of us here in UptownRiches!

Given that’s a pretty common thing, we always look for ways to monetize the use of a mobile phone and share it with you. Here are several apps that pay you while you’re on the go and let you collect some of that extra pocket cash.

You could also have a go at Creating Your Own Apps.


First app we will talk about is CashPirate. The interface of the app is a little outdated, but what they excel at is reliability when it comes to payments! If you’ve ever had any troubles getting your money out of the app, you can relax here. CashPirate is known for paying on time and with a threshold as little as $2.50! It’s really hard to find that anywhere else. You earn it by watching videos.

Using the app will reap your rewards in the form of Paypal cash, Bitcoin or Amazon vouchers – something for everybody! It also have a great referral program that gives you a sizable commission when you refer your friends. Sure, it won’t make you an online millionaire, but it can give you an extra $15-$50 a month to spend however you like.

Earn Money for Android

Android users rejoice! Earn Money app is one of the highest paying apps out there and the payout is lightning fast – you can access your funds as quick as after 24 hours. You earn credits by completing various tasks standard to these type of mobile applications like watching videos, completing surveys, signing up for free offers etc. There is also a referral program available. The rewards here are paid out via Paypal.

When you use it, be sure to keep on top of any updates to secure your earnings!

Watch & Earn app

Guess what you have to do to earn using this application? You got it – watch videos. Watch&Earn has over 60,000 reviews on Google Play Store with a rating of 4.4. It says a lot about the app! By watching brand ads, gaming videos, movie trailers and trying new apps, you collect points that can be alter exchanged into multiple vouchers or straight up dollars.

Rewards include free shopping vouchers (Amazon, Steam, Google Play, FlipKart etc.), mobile top-ups, movie vouchers and more.

Survey Mini

Another app where the clue as to the type of tasks involved is in the title. Survey Mini rewards you for answering relatively quick surveys (their website claims the maximum amount of questions is 11) about the places you visit: restaurants, stores, attractions. The app is available for both Android and iOS and in exchange for giving your opinions you get free food vouchers, discounts and gift cards.

Of course, using these apps will not let you quit your full-time job, but they may provide an interesting distraction while you’re on the go AND bring in some extra pocket money for you to enjoy.

Did you know, that you can also easily create your own apps ?    You can get this setup right away using this Apps Builder System.

Have fun!

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