Turn your hobby into extra cash

Today’s world has not just gone digital, it has become fluid. It now runs more on ideas than mere facts. As such, even the most intangible concepts can generate good financial value for you.

That also includes your hobbies; that’s right, it does.

That seemingly small thing you love to do so much can also pay you well!

This article is geared towards providing a step by step guide on how you can turn your hobby into cash! But let’s answer some salient questions.

What is my hobby?

What is a hobby? How do you know that an activity you perform always is not a routine but a hobby?

A hobby is an activity you do for pleasure when you are not working. Something you are interested in and enjoy doing especially during your leisure time.  It also refers to an activity that you do to relax the mind and body; something that takes your mind off the rigors of the world.

“…something you do for pleasure..”

While I cannot handpick your hobby for you, there are easy ways to know. That activity you cannot help but take a peek at even during work is your hobby.  It is different from a routine. It is not what your must do, but something you just do for pleasure.

While we carry out routines as of necessity and because there’s no alternative, we carry out hobbies for love and fulfillments.

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Turning Your Hobby Into Cash

  1. Decide To Make Money From It:

Firstly, you must develop the desire, drive, and commitment to make money from your hobby. You will never monetize your skills if they are not value oriented or rebranded; and you won’t feel the need to carry out such rebranding without a desire to make money from it. It all starts with a real decision to reap from our hobby.

  1. Identify Your Hobby:

The next step towards turning your hobby into cash is to identify it. How can you reap from something you don’t even know? Or something you are unsure about? Ascertain what your hobby is, and you are one step closer.

Tips On Choosing Your Hobby:

  • Pick an activity you are passionate about: what would you continue to do even if it doesn’t pay? What don’t you ever get tired of talking about or doing? These are key pointers. Find out what they are/it is and you have found your hobby.
  • Be careful not to under-estimate a hobby; as insignificant as it may be, every hobby has money potentials. People earn from the most mundane or even smallest activities. Don’t underestimate yours.
  1. Identify your target market:

The next step is to identify a market where you can trade your hobby for cash. Good services become useless when there is no available market. So don’t be in haste to start right away. Brainstorm who could want your services and how to connect with them.

  • The task here is to find those in ‘need’ of your services or goods.
  • Where you can get them and how you can get them
  1. Rebrand Your Skills

No matter how good you are, it is time to get better at it. You need to rebrand, and refurbish your skills. Make it more enticing, Get professional trainings on it, read books/articles, take a course if need be and become more creative with it.

  • Remember that your hobby is “like a seed that has the potential to become a forest”. Be ready to polish and rebrand it.
  1. Market It

The next step is to market your goods and services. This is done by connecting directly with those who need them or indirectly with those who are links to the target market. If you can write books, get a publishing house; if you can write articles and notes, you could freelance online; if you could bake get on with a label and advertise.

Finally, here’s an advice:

“The huge figures will roll in with time; do not be focused on them; rather work on your hobby until you are a Don in it”

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