5 Apps To Make You Money While You Sleep

There are many ways to make money online, but the best earners hands down are those that make you passive income.   Here are 5 ways of making passive income. All you need to do is download these 5 apps onto your mobile phone.

1 – Panel App

You can earn up to one hundred and twenty dollars a year for just keeping this app installed on your Phone.  Every month they will give you points which you can redeem for cash. So all you do is you use the app for five minutes right after you download it but then after that you are going to earn forever.  This is a really cool app for earning a recurring amount of $10 per month. If you refer friends you can scale this up to around $20 a month.

2- Smart Panel App

This program will pay you a hundred and eighty dollars a year for just downloading and installing the app on three devices so just ask you mum, dad brothers and sisters if you can borrow their phone for a few minutes.  You can also install on computers too – not just phones.

The App monitors your activity and your search results and collects information, but no personal information is going to be transferred over to the app they just want this information as it’s highly valuable for advertisers who wish to market to you later on okay so you make about five dollars per each device.  They allow up to three devices totalling around fifteen dollars per month.

3 – SlideJoy  – This company pays you to unlock your screen on your phone.  This is something that most of us already do so why not get paid to do it ?  This one is available for the Android devices only. You can download and install it at the Google Play Store, and the company then want to pay you $60 a year for leaving this app installed.  You simply download the app and register. If you register on Facebook they will give you additional points. After you install it, the company starts displaying ads on your lock screen, so after you unlock your phone the app credits your account.  You can get paid by PayPal, and you can get an Amazon gift card, and also you can be paid out through square cash.

4 – Microsoft Rewards.   How about earning an extra $100 a year for doing absolutely nothing ?  You can do this with Microsoft Awards. They will pay you $9 a month just for browsing the web and that’s pretty much what a lot of us already do so why not get paid to do it ?    You can use any browser on your phone that uses the bing search engine and so that’s how it works. You will get paid for ten searches per day on level one, then you can get paid for 25 searches on level two.  How that works is level two is achieved by earning at least five hundred points per month. You can redeem your points for Xbox games and you can get a Windows gift card. They will also add points to your Microsoft Store account so you can put the points towards merchandise inside their store.

5 – Drop.  This helps you earn money for just doing normal shopping   You can download this app and you can link a credit card or debit card.  You then choose the brands that you love and those stores that you like to shop at, then you start shopping.  The app is going to give you points per dollar that you spend. For every dollar that you spend you make somewhere around 10 points.  So 5,000 points will get you a $5 gift card and 50,000 points would get you a $50 Amazon gift card.

So hopefully you will find some value in earning money from one or all of those 5 methods.  Basically you will be earning for things you are already doing anyway, so why not earn while you are doing them ?    You can get the FREE app here.